Go Bake Cake Decorators Rose Spirit - 50ml

Go Bake

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    Create beautiful and unique cakes with Go Bake Cake Decorators Rose Spirit! Our 50ml bottle of spirit is ready to help you take your cakes to the next level with a touch of sophistication. Enjoy an unmatched decorating experience with this easy-to-use product and see what you can create today!

    • Remove corn flour and icing sugar marks from icing
    • Use with Pearl Lustres to make an Edible Paint.
    • Highly concentrated and evaporates quickly.
    • Helping you to achieve a perfect finish.
    • N - Gluten StatementTo the best of our knowledge this product is Gluten Free (Not Certified).
    • N - IngredientsEthanol (70%), Water, Propylene Glycol and Rose Extract.

    • Web DescriptionA high-quality Rose Spirit designed for Cake Decorating. Mix with our Pearl Lustre Dusts and other Dusts and Colours for painting onto Fondants, Icings and more. This highly concentrated Rose Spirit with alcohol works more effectively than other agents, as the alcohol evaporates quickly, and the colour dries faster.