3 Piece Buttercream Double Sided Comb Set - 6 Patterns

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3 Piece Buttercream Double Sided Comb Set - 6 Patterns

 Give cakes a unique texture and pattern using this set of 3 cake combs. Each comb is double-sided, allowing you to make 6 different textures on cakes.

Make everything from Shabby  Chic Wedding Cakes to Cakes that look like stacks of pancakes.  There are just so many uses for these patterned combs!

Combs measure 9" tall for standard or Double Barrel Cake Tiers

Have fun smoothing your buttercream iced cake using these icing combs. Just set your cake on a rotating cake stand (sold separately), set the comb at the base of your cake and spin slowly to create interesting waves, ridges and swirls.

Add a professional finish to your buttercream-iced cakes! This set makes six different textures—ridges, swirls and waves—which makes creating texture a breeze. The hand grip is specifically molded for a secure grasp, and it keeps your fingers from dragging into the cake sides. The combs snap together for storage. Set/3. Each: 9 in. x 3 in.

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