What are all these sprinkles?

What are all these sprinkles?

Decorate baked goods with sprinkles to make desserts look cute or finished effortlessly. Sprinkles can conceal imperfections and add charm. Learn about the various types of sprinkles and their uses.

  1. Jimmies, also called hail because they look like broken pieces of spaghetti. They come in all colours and were traditionally sprinkled on ice cream and desserts. They don't bleed their colour much and hold their shapes well when used in batter or dough, making them perfect for using in funfetti cake recipes.
  2. Nonpareils, also called 100s or 1000s, tiny round, and colourful, roughly the size of seed beads. They are very small, about 1-2mm diameter.
  3. Quins, also called sequins or confetti, are matte, colourful, and flat, like sequins (thus the name). Sequins are smaller than confetti.
  4. Sugar pearls also called edible pearls or cachous, very hard, smooth, round pearls with a very hard texture (they can be very difficult to bite through) and they are larger than nonpareils. They generally come in a range of sizes and colours.
  5. Sanding sugar, is fine, sparkly, and basically looks like colourful fine sugar crystals
  6. Rods are Rod shaped sprinkles come in both shiny metallic and matte finishes. These are best used as removable decorations as they are very hard and crunchy. Rods are perfect for making a show-stopping statement in your decorating, or to arrange in an interesting pattern.
  7. Sixlets are large chocolate balls with a shiny crunchy coating, around 10mm diameter. We love using these in our sprinkle mixes and to add a bit of wow-factor to the top of decorated cakes and cupcakes. 
  8. Candy shapes are the most fun sprinkles you'll ever see! They come in a huge range of shapes and colours. They are fairly crunchy, but not as much as a sugar pearl, so are more edible. Shaped sprinkles are perfect for tying in your decorating to a party theme: unicorn horns, mermaid tails, crowns, hearts, cactuses and so many more. Add them to any basic sprinkle mix to make it suit your theme.
  9. Sprinkle Medleys are mixed lots of sprinkles made up of any or all of the above. They create amazing dimension, colour and texture to your creations.

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Must have tools for perfect buttercream cakes

Must have tools for perfect buttercream cakes

What are the essential tools for making buttercream cakes?

When it comes to creating the perfect buttercream cakes, having the right tools can make all the difference. Whether you're a professional baker or a home enthusiast, these must-have tools will help you achieve bakery-quality results every time.

1. Offset Spatula

An offset spatula is a versatile tool that allows you to spread and smooth buttercream frosting with precision. Its angled blade and ergonomic handle make it easy to control, ensuring an even and professional-looking finish on your cakes.

2. Piping Bags and Tips

Piping bags and tips are essential for creating beautiful designs and decorations on buttercream cakes. Invest in high-quality piping bags (these can be disposable or reusable) and a variety of tips to achieve different patterns and textures. With practice, you'll be able to create stunning floral designs, intricate borders, and personalized messages.

3. Turntable

A turntable is a game-changer when it comes to decorating cakes. It allows you to rotate the cake while you work, making it easier to apply buttercream evenly and smoothly. With a turntable, you can achieve professional-looking results without straining your wrists.

4. Scraper

A bench scraper is a handy tool for achieving clean and sharp edges on your buttercream cakes. Use it to smooth the sides and top of the cake, creating a polished finish. It's also useful for removing excess frosting and achieving straight lines.

5. Cake Leveler

A cake leveler is essential for creating even layers in your buttercream cakes. It allows you to slice through the cake horizontally, ensuring each layer is the same height. This tool is especially useful when you're stacking multiple layers to create a tall and impressive cake.

6. Cake Decorating Comb

A cake decorating comb is a tool that helps you achieve professional-looking textures on your buttercream cakes. It has different patterns on each side, allowing you to create unique designs by combing the frosting. This tool adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your cake.

7. Cake Lifter

A cake lifter is a sturdy tool that helps you transfer your finished buttercream cake from the turntable to a serving plate or cake stand. It provides stability and prevents any mishaps during the transfer process. Invest in a cake lifter with a non-slip grip for added convenience.


With the right tools at your disposal, creating perfect buttercream cakes becomes a breeze. Invest in these must-have tools and watch your cake decorating skills soar to new heights. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don't be afraid to experiment and unleash your creativity!

Super Easy Wafer Paper Flower Tutorial

Super Easy Wafer Paper Flower Tutorial

Wafer paper is a versatile and inexpensive product with tonnes of uses in cake decorating. One of my favourite uses in making flowers.

You will need the following supplies:
White wafer paper (or purchase our pre printed template)
Big edible pearl
Black edible marker
Edible Glue or corn syrup
Pink dust
Blue dust

Step 1:
Use a pencil to draw 6 big petals and 6 small petals on a sheet of wafer paper.
The drawings don’t have to be perfect. Otherwise to make it even easier you can purchase our pre printed wafer paper template here.

Note: These days, pencils are non-toxic and many decorators use them in cake decorating. But, if you are uncomfortable using a pencil, you can use scissors to cut out these petal shapes free hand.

Step 2:
Use scissors to cut out these petal shapes.
They don’t have to be cut out perfectly.

Step 3:
Dip your paintbrush in blue dust and color 3 big and 3 small petals blue.
Dip your paintbrush in pink dust and color 3 big and 3 small petals pink.

Step 4:
Outline all the petals with a black edible marker.
Make sure the outline is thick.

Step 5:
Brush very little corn syrup or edible glue at one end of a blue petal and stick a pink petal there.

Step 6:
Continue sticking petals in a circular formation.

Step 8:
Now, brush very little edible glue or corn syrup in the center of the big flower.
Stick a small blue petal here.
Then, stick the pink petal beside it. And keep going until you have a small flower on top of your big flower.

Step 9:
Finally, brush a little corn syrup or edible glue in the center of this flower and stick a big edible pearl or a big white sprinkle here. Let it dry over night before attaching to your cake.