Professional Grade Stainless Steel Buttercream Scraper 6 Inch



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Professional Grade Stainless Steel Buttercream Scraper 6 Inch


This professional grade buttercream scraper is expertly crafted from stainless steel. Its 6" size allows for easy maneuverability, while its superior quality ensures maximum longevity. Perfect for any baking enthusiast, this buttercream scraper will make your cake decorating experience smoother and more efficient.

Create perfectly smooth and flawless buttercream cakes with this 6 inch professional-grade stainless steel scraper! Its angled stainless steel blade ensures even distribution of buttercream for precise spreading and precise edge detailing. Perfect your baking and decorating with this must-have tool.

Scrape your bench down with ease with this quality stainless steel dough scraper & cutter. This is perfect to help clean fondant offcuts off your work surface! The rolled handle makes handling the scraper a breeze. The straight edge comes with an easy to read ruler!

This scraper blade is a firm blade with minimal flex.

15cm wide 11.5cm high

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