Wilton Sea Life Baking Cups x75


SKU: 070896158994


Bake cupcakes and muffins for your ocean-themed birthday in these cute Wilton Ocean Life Cupcake Liners.

Also great for baby showers, pool parties or other fun themed celebrations, these colorful underwater-themed cupcake liners are sure to be a hit!

These cute cupcake liners feature three designs: a dark blue liner with sea creatures around the sides and a cute crab on the bottom; a white liner with a coral reef pattern on the sides and on the bottom; and a dark teal solid-colored liner (25 of each design).

They fit standard muffin and cupcake pans and minimize cleanup by allowing your treats to simply pop out of the pan when they’re done. You can also use these baking cups to hold small party snacks, like nuts and candies.

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