Wilton Candy Melts White 340gm


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Wilton Candy Melts

Versatile, creamy and easy to melt. Vanilla Flavoured.

Great for cake, cupcake,cookie decorating and for use in chocolate or candy moulds.

Also useful as a candy coating for cake pops and to make a coloured "ganache" which would be suitable for drip cakes.



Candy Melts Tips:

Melt slowly in the microwave in short bursts.

If the texture is too thick, especially for dipping cake pops or drizzling, you can thin it with a little flavourless oil (eg. canola, vegetable)

Candy melts can be coloured using oil colouring, and can also be flavoured using oil flavourings. Using oil bases prevent the melts from seizing.

You can also make candy melt modelling candy (like modelling chocolate) by mixing it together with glucose. This is amazing to work with and deliciously edible!