Unicorn Cupcake Papers & Candle Combo Set. Just Adorable


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Unicorn Cupcake Papers & Candle Combo Set
Dress up your cupcake with our beautiful cupcake kit now! Includes 5 unicorn cupcake papers with 5 horn candles. Base size 12 cm
  •  Quality: unicorn cupcake papers are greaseproof to ensure there are no grease marks. 
  • Packaging: Reuse and Recycle the PET plastic packaging for safe, clean storage 
  • Easy to Clean-Up. Avoid the mess from sticky batter from unlined baking pans and have a finished product that has a perfect shape by using baking cups.
  • Sanitation. Baking cups protect the outer layer that prevents the spread of germs during the transfer from the oven to your display and the customer. It also gives customers peace of mind and guarantees that their food hasn’t been touched.
  • Moisture. Without baking cups, your cupcakes, muffins, and other baked goods can be dried out after you remove them from the pan. The liner helps preserve the desirable moist taste and texture of your baked goods.
  • Shape. Baking cups provide stability and shape and can help create a uniform look for your goods. They also prevent crumbling. These liners act as buffers between the hot pan and the batter and can prevent the edges from cooking too fast.
  • Overall Presentation. While some baking cups are not decorative, most are both useful and ornamental. Colored and patterned cupcake liners can complement a theme, a holiday, a season, or add to your unique style. Aside from baking, others use baking cups to display candies, truffles, or fudge.