Pastel Party Sprinkle Medley - 30gm


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Pastel Party Sprinkle Medley

A mix of non-pariels, sugar strands and pearls in pastel rainbow tones.

Sprinkle medleys are a mixture of different sprinkles and edible decorations in a mixture of shapes, sizes and textures that come together to make a gorgeous feature on your baking creations, desserts and even use them to fancy up those sprinkle sandwiches.
We have an extensive range of sprinkle medleys so you will definately find something to match every theme.

Featuring a colourful mix of pastel green, yellow, blue, pink & gold nonpareils, pearls, jimmies and stars. A great choice for a variety of birthday party themes! Pastel Party Sprinkle Medley 30gm is perfect for glamming up desserts and sprinkling on ice cream too.
Pastel Party Sprinkle Medley is great for decorating cupcakes, cakes, icecream, donuts, cookies, baked slices and in fact all your sweet treats.

Packed in a wide mouth jar for easy access.

Net weight 30g

Brand: Sprinks 

    • 100% EDIBLE
    • Use on cupcakes, cakes and desserts 
    • Mix with other sprinkles to make the perfect mix!

Cute edible decorations for your cake or cupcakes!

Pastel Party Sprinkle Medley will add a dramatic element to your decorating.

Great to add to sprinkle mixes or when making your own blends.

Store in a cool dry place, away from light.