Giant 789 Cake Icer Nozzle

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If you find it a little challenging to use a spatula to ice a cake, you can also use tip 789, the cake icer tip, to cover a cake. This method is easier and results in a more even application of icing. When using tip 789, crumb coating is not necessary because the tip won?t agitate crumbs. Using a turntable along with the cake icer tip will make it easier to apply icing and to achieve smooth coverage. For best results, use thin consistency icing.


  • Prepare a 18-inch decorating bag with tip 789.


    Place your cake on a turntable. Place the serrated side of the tip on the top center of the cake.


    While slowly turning the turntable, squeeze a continuous ribbon of icing, spiraling until it covers the edge of the cake top.


    To ice the sides, press the tip upright against the bottom of the cake. Squeeze as you turn the cake on the turntable, applying in an upward spiral until the entire cake is covered in icing.


    For a thick layer of icing, repeat the process before smoothing.


    Use your Angled Spatula to ice the cake smooth. Starting with the top of the cake, begin smoothing with a swiping motion, removing the excess icing as you go.


    Smooth the sides by holding the spatula against the side of the cake, with a slight angle pointing away from the cake. As you spread your icing, the angle will give the excess buttercream space to accumulate, making it easier to remove. Remove excess icing and place it back in your bowl.


    After smoothing the sides, clean the top edges using the Angled Spatula. Lightly pull the icing inward, toward the center of the cake. Remove excess from spatula and repeat until top edges are smooth.