Coo Kie Brontosaurus Cookie Cutter

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Coo Kie Brontosaurus Cookie Cutter

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Shaped cookies are a fabulous way to bring the party's theme to the food. Don't stop at cookies either. This cutter can be used for fairy bread, sandwiches, cakes, pastries - you name it! This cookie cutter is perfect for any Dinosaur themed party.

High quality Cookie Cutter made from 18/0 Stainless Steel (0.4mm gauge). 

Material: Metal 
Size: 11.6cm
Sold individually


Comes with whimsical hand-drawn cookie design by our  in-house graphic artist (cookie dough recipe on the back). 

Hand wash and dry thoroughly before storing.

Designed in Australia by Coo Kie. Loved by artisans #COO-KIE.

Material: Metal 

Size: 9.6cm

Sold individually

Handy Tips for uing metal cookie cutters

Dip your cookie cutters in cornflour with each cut. Work from the center of the rolled-out dough to the edges, cutting shapes close to one another to prevent extra scraps and extra rerolling. If the cookie cutters get really sticky, wipe them off with a damp paper towel. Make sure that the dough is not too cold when you begin to make cookies. The cutouts will not release from the cutter if the dough is too cold. This is true of any metal cutter you may use. Do not use cooking sprays or oil to "grease" your cutters.