Wilton 2D Buttercream Piping Nozzle. Quality


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Wilton 2D Buttercream Piping Nozzle

Explore the art of cake decorating with the Wilton 2D Buttercream Piping Nozzle! Its unique design is ideal for creating intricate swirls, rosettes, and petal shapes. Transform simple cakes into stunning works of art. Dare to be creative and add a unique personal touch to your baking.

The classic Wilton 2D nozzle creates beautiful butter cream rose swirls. A must for every baker!

Here at The Cake Mixer the 2D piping nozzle is our best seller and the nozzle we most use ourselves on our beautiful cupcakes and rosette cakes.

The easy way to make professional looking drop flowers, either with buttercream straight onto your cake, or with royal icing to use later.

The 2D buttercream piping tip is ideal for

  • drop flowers
  • stars
  • rosettes
  • swirls
  • and more. 

Wilton 2D large Drop Flower Tip is perfect for piping Hydrangeas and large drop flowers. Can be used with Buttercream or Royal Icing and softer Cookie dough.

The 2d buttercream piping tip works with standard decorating bags and large sized coupler.

What is the difference between a 1M and 2D nozzle? The 2 nozzles have a similar style but are slightly different. The 1M nozzle gives the appearance of an ice cream swirl, with straight edges working up to a point, however the 2D nozzle creates a more soft, ruffled effect. In conclusion: a cake decorators toolbox should have both.

Top quality stainless steel 2D buttercream piping tip. Handwash in warm soapy water.

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