White Edible Paint. Quick Dry. 50ml Bottle


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White Edible Paint For Food


Barco White Edible Paint is quick drying

This paint can be used to paint by hand or in an airbrush.

Suitable for use on fondant, gumpaste, buttercream, chocolate, etc.

50ml bottle

Please note: depending on your airbrush unit, the paint may need to be thinned before use.

White Edible Food Paint is a convenient and versatile tool for adding striking designs and intricate details to your cakes, cookies, and other edible creations. Here's how to make the most of it:

  1. Prepare Your Surface: Ensure that your baked goods are fully cooled and free from any crumbs or debris before applying the edible food paint. A smooth, dry surface will provide the best results.

  2. Shake Well: Before using the white edible food paint, shake the bottle well to ensure that the pigment is evenly distributed and the paint is fully mixed.

  3. Test on a Palette: Squeeze a small amount of the paint onto a clean palette or plate to test the consistency and color intensity. This will help you gauge how much pressure to apply when painting and allow you to adjust the color if needed.

  4. Apply the Paint: Using a clean, food-safe brush, dip it into the white edible food paint and begin applying it to your baked goods. Use light, even strokes to achieve smooth and consistent coverage. You can use the paint to outline shapes, fill in designs, or add intricate details to your creations.

  5. Layer and Blend: If you want to create depth or shading in your designs, allow the first layer of paint to dry completely before applying additional layers. You can also blend different shades of black or other colors to achieve custom hues and effects.

  6. Quick Dry: One of the advantages of white edible food paint is its quick-drying formula, which allows you to work efficiently without waiting for extended drying times between layers or details.

  7. Fix Mistakes: If you make a mistake or want to make adjustments to your design, you can easily wipe away the paint with a damp cloth or paper towel before it dries completely. This allows you to correct errors without damaging your baked goods.

  8. Seal if Desired: Once your edible food paint has dried completely, you can optionally seal your design with a food-safe sealant or clear edible glaze to protect it and enhance its longevity.

  9. Clean Up: After you've finished painting, clean your brushes and any other utensils with warm, soapy water to remove any remaining paint residue.

With white edible food paint, you can unleash your creativity and add stunning visual effects to your baked creations with ease. Whether you're decorating cakes, cookies, cupcakes, or other treats, this quick-drying paint is an essential tool for any baker or decorators

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