Treasure Chest Chocolate Mould

Homestyle Chocolates

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This treasure chest chocolate mould  is great fun for the children to make up.
Especially good for a pirate birthday party.
Make all pieces on the mould, "Glue" the pieces together with melted chocolate.
Then decorate by filling with chocolate treasure.

Width: 87mm wide
Length: 46 mm
Depth: 70mm

Overall Mould
Length: 250mm
Width: 204mm

Home Style Chocolates Moulds (Molds) are made in New Zealand of reusable food grade plastic.

Standard Moulds are made from 0.55mm thick PVC Plastic

Our moulds are designed to last.
Some of our customer have still got the same moulds they purchased over a decade ago.
Look after them and they will keep looking after you.

  • Wash your moulds in warm clear water with a soft cloth and dry

    • If chocolate is really suck on leave to soak from a few minutes in warm water


  • Never wash moulds in the dishwasher

    • This will cause your moulds to warp

  • Never use an abrasive cleaner like a scrubbing brush or scotch pad

    • This scratches the surface of the mould causes future chocolate to come out dull


  • Store moulds in a dry place away from sun light

    • Sun light breaks down the plastic causing the moulds to go brittle