PME Rocking Horse Cutter Set


$10.00 $20.00
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Please note the special price due to slight discolouration

The PME range of cutters and plungers offer a quick and easy way to make professional looking flowers and shapes.

Approx 40mm x 30mm and 75mm x 55mm

Large cutter: H: 2 inches W: 3 inches
Small cutter: H:1.1 inches W: 1.5 inches



Includes a set of two (2) PME cutters in the Rocking Horse design. Small cutter measures approximately 30mm, Large cutter measures approximately 55mm.

These cutters will create the design images out of sugarpaste, gum paste or cookie dough. Simply roll out the paste or dough to desired thickness then cut out the shapes with the cutters. Finish your design by adding colour with dusting powders