Chefmaster Edible Gold Paint Spray. Ready to Use


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Chefmaster Edible Gold Paint Spray.

The Chefmaster Edible Gold Paint Spray is great for applying a light shiny golden colour to your creations. The colour mist metallic food coloring will never bleed or fade when applied correctly to your frosted, iced or fondant-covered baked goods. This quick dry edible food spray is exceptionally easy to use due to its accurate nozzle and spray patterns.

Chefmaster Metallic Gold Edible Color Spray allows you to elevate the design on your baked creations using trendy cake painting and stenciling techniques without needing to purchase or use an airbrush gun. This Metallic Gold Edible Color Spray is formulated with edible glitter particles and will provide you with a true shine, not a matte finish like many other sprays on the marketplace.

This edible paint spray allows you to blast your baked creations with the colors you need to bring them to life. The 1.5 ounce can of Edible Gold Spray Paint produces a shiny golden color, making it excellent for tiny accents and large pieces alike.

Comes in a 42g (1.5 ounce) bottle. One can of the Chefmaster food spray in gold can cover up to 96 cupcakes when you apply a very light spray.

  • Easy-to-use

  • Quick-to-dry

  • Food Safe

  • Vegan-Friendly

  • Bleed & Fade Resistant

  • Contains alcohol


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