Cake Craft Neon Edible Marker pens. 5 Pack

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Cake Craft Edible Neon Marker Pens


Each Edible Ink Marker is double sided, one side has a Broad Tip and the other a Fine Tip.

The 5 colour Markers in this pack are:
* Purple
* Blue
* Green
* Pink
* Orange


Cake Craft Neon Colours Edible Markers are versatile tools for adding detailed designs and intricate decorations to your baked creations. Here's a guide on how to use them effectively:

Prepare Your Surface: Ensure that your cake, cookie, or other baked goods are fully cooled before decorating. A smooth, dry surface works best for achieving clean lines and vibrant colors.

Select Your Colors: Cake Craft Neon Colours Edible Markers typically come in a set of primary colors, including red, blue, and yellow. Choose the colors you need for your design, or mix and blend them to create custom shades.

Shake and Prime: Before using each marker, shake it gently to activate the ink. Press the tip onto a clean surface (such as a piece of parchment paper) until the ink begins to flow smoothly. This primes the marker and ensures even color distribution.

Draw and Decorate: Use the edible markers to draw directly onto your baked goods. The fine-tip markers allow for precise lines and intricate details, making them perfect for writing messages, outlining shapes, or adding intricate designs.

Blend and Layer: Experiment with blending and layering colors to create depth and dimension in your designs. You can achieve smooth gradients by gently overlapping different colors and blending them together with the markers.

Allow to Dry: Once you've finished decorating, allow the edible ink to dry completely before handling or serving your baked goods. This helps prevent smudging and ensures that your designs stay intact.

Fix Mistakes: If you make a mistake or want to make adjustments to your design, simply wipe away the ink with a damp cloth or paper towel. This allows you to correct errors without damaging your baked goods.

Store Properly: To prolong the life of your Cake Craft Edible Markers, store them in a cool, dry place and keep the caps securely closed when not in use. This helps prevent the ink from drying out and ensures that your markers are always ready for your next decorating project.

With Cake Craft Neon Colours Edible Markers, you can unleash your creativity and add personalized touches to any baked creation with ease. Whether you're decorating cakes, cookies, cupcakes, or other treats, these markers are the perfect tool for bringing your edible designs to life.

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