100% Edible Silver Leaf. 5 Sheets

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100% edible silver leaf is edible and are widely used as food decoration.You can decorate your bakery, cake, dessert, pastry, cookie, cupcakes with gold leaf, and it will add a touch of luxury to your dining table.
Use to decorate any bakery and pastry to create distinct and favorable impression.

Silver leaf is edible and delicate foil sheet made of pure metals. It is a silver paper that is used as a decorative purpose on sweets and desserts and also protects bacteria from poisoning eatables.

When consumed these edible silver leaves disintegrate in the mouth without flavour.

Made in Germany. This range of edible silver leaf is sourced by reclamation and from reputable sources, undergoes a stringently controlled, hygienic beating process, is certified with GMP (Manufacturing Process) by an independent laboratory and is kosher and halal certified.

Literally one of the best silver leaf transfer available in the market today which provides countless ways of evolving your creations from this incredible product.

Silver is on transfer paper, to allow ease of use.  Perfect for cakes or chocolates.

Each silver leaf measures to standard European size of 80mm x 80mm. 

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