Acupuncture Needles x10. Must Have Fondant Accessory

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Acupuncture Needles x10. Must Have Fondant Accessory
Pack Acupuncture Needles x10 super fine needles for pricking any bubbles that appear in your fondant. The super fine needles has a thicker handle to hold on to. The super fine hole works exceptionally well for releasing airbubbles and the entry hole is far easier to disguise or massage away than when using a pin or scriber.
Acupuncture Needles x10 are great for removing air bubbles from fondant. The super fine needle leaves next to no hole which can easily be polished away.
Simply prick the bubble several times to release the air bubble, then rub / polish fondant to remove hole.
Much smaller and more delicate than a sewing needle, making it much easier to get a blemish-free cake.
Simply pierce the bubble and smooth it out (check out our smoothers) and no one can tell.
They can be cleaned and reused (for non-medical purposes) however they are quite fine and flexible so can easily bend and get lost from time to time, which is why we supply these is a pack of 5.
Pack of 5 needles.
Supplied in safety packaging handling and storage.

These are acupunture needles, but are sold for the purpose of pricking fondant, not for acupuncture.