Natural Coloured Sprinkle Hail/Jimmies 30gm

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Natural Coloured Sprinkle Hail/Jimmies 30gm

Add a touch of fun and color to your baked treats with our Natural Coloured Sprinkle Hail/Jimmies! Made with all-natural colours, these 30gm sprinkles will make your desserts stand out from the rest. Perfect for any occasion, let your creativity shine with these delicious sprinkles.

All natural colouring, nothing artificial.

Not as bright as others but you can be confident that there will be no reaction to the colours in these sprinkles.

Expertly crafted, our Natural Coloured Sprinkle Hail/Jimmies add a touch of color and crunch to any dessert. Made with high quality natural ingredients, these 30gm sprinkles are perfect for cakes, cookies, and more. Elevate your baking game with our versatile sprinkle hail/jimmies.

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