Unicorn Cupcake Toppers x12

The Cake Mixer

SKU: 19494


12 x edible cupcake toppers approx 4cm Tall

Choose between wafer paper and edible image.

Toppers are supplied in a resealable bag.
Please note that these cannot be customised as we don't have a license to print these. We buy these in.

Shelf life - 6 months stored in resealable bag out of sunlight.


Wafer Paper Vs Edible Image Icing Sheets


Wafer paper is a starch based material, made from potato starches. It is a stiff but slightly transparent material. This means it generally maintains its shape unless exposed to a large amount of liquid, when it starts to dissolve. Ingredients are dehydrated potato starch, oil, and water. Because it is slightly transparent and dissolves under liquid, the colour on wafer paper lacks a little vibrancy and images can come across a little blurred. Wafer Paper has a flavourless taste and dissolve in the mouth, meaning it doesn’t affect the flavour of the food it is applied to.

Apply a thin layer of Sno Whip (or other high quality vegetable fat) to the back of your wafer paper and then simply press gently into place on the cake. You can lay the wafer paper on top of your edible creation or you can stick it and make it stand up for a cool 3D look. The best part? There’s no backing paper to remove, you just print and go.

Wafer paper does have a tendency to curl after a while if it’s exposed to damp. If using our wafer paper on cakes that need to be refrigerated then ensure to refrigerate the cake in a sealed box to avoid damage to the wafer paper.

In summary wafer paper is best if you want your images to stand up without having to back them with fondant or chocolate.


Edible Image Icing Sheets are layers of icing which are pressed thinly onto backing sheets. They are quite a flexible material, and much less transparent. Ingredients are generally derived from tapioca or cornstarch, with added sugar and gums. Since these sheets are specifically designed for printing on, images are generally clear and crisp. Colours are never completely true to the image (we are printing using edible inks after all!). Icing Sheets have a slightly sweet and vanilla flavour. Because the icing is generally absorbed into the baked goods, any taste is not usually noticeable.

Icing sheets remove easily from the backing paper. You simply peel them off! Cheap or poor quality brands of icing sheets can be difficult to remove especially in summer time which can cause problems, we guarantee you will not have that problem with ours. They should never be put into the freezer. Icing sheets are extremely easy to apply. Apply a thin layer of Sno Whip (or other high quality vegetable fat) to the back of your icing sheet and then simply press the icing sheets (with the acetate backing removed) gently into place on the cake.

Icing sheets are easy to cut through and mould into fondant icing easily. The quality of our Icing sheets means they can also be placed directly onto buttercream cakes as long as Sno Whip is applied to the back of the icing sheet. There is no need for fondant or chocolate backings as seen on tutorials. The cake can also be placed into a commercial fridge with icing sheets applied without any problems. If using a domestic fridge place the cake in a sealed box before placing in the fridge.

Edible image sheets will not stand up on their own.