Soft Tip Sugar Shaping Tips


SKU: 19251


6Pcs/set Soft Tip Sugar Shapers Fondant Cake Cupcake Decorating Flower Modelling Craft Clays Tools
Tip shapes: Tri-Tip Chisel, Bone Chisel, Round Tip Chisel, Square Tip Chisel, Lip Chisel, Pointed Chise
Length: 16-16.5cm

6 uniquely designed shapes for sculpting, shaping, blending, texturing, and modeling
Tapered, double-head design – two tools in one
Ergonomically engineered for comfort, efficiency, and accuracy
Color coded for easy identification
Made from flexible, food-grade TPE that will maintain physical integrity against breakage, cracking, and deterioration
Durable, residential, and commercial dishwasher safe. Heat and cold resistant – as low as -40˚F up to 275˚F degrees continuously
Made with FDA approved food-safe material