16 Inch Blue Square Cake Board. 4mm thick

Go Bake

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16 Inch Blue Square Cake Board. 4mm thick

16 Inch Blue Square Cake Board. 4mm thick by Go Bake. 16 inch or 40 cm diameter. Matt blue covering. Add a professional finish to your cake with this 16" square cake board in matt pastel blue.

4mm thick board. Very strong and sturdy.

The 4mm board makes for a great look combined with the strength of the MDF means that this board can also handle the weight of most cakes.

16 Inch Blue Square Masonite Cake Board. 4mm thick will give your cake the support it needs, and it looks rather fantastic too. With its pastel blue surface, unique, beautifully and elegant, this matt pastel blue masonite board will be the pièce de résistance for wedding cakes designs, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, corporate events and so much more. Measuring 4mm thick, these boards are strong and sturdy, making them able to support substantial weight. The material inside these boards is an engineered wood which is very strong & capable of taking the weight of even the heaviest tiered cakes.

If care is taken when cutting the cake the board can be wiped and reused time and time again.