Sunflower or Gerbera Silicone Mould. Must Have Cake Accessory

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Sunflower or Gerbera Silicone Mould

Size 59mm

 Condition:100% Brand new and high quality

Materials: Silicone

Our Sunflower or Gerbera Silicone Moulds do not crack, split or break in use like others which are often made from dental putty or cheaper silicone-like material.
All of our moulds are made in a premium quality super flex food grade silicone for easy release.

Using silicone molds with fondant is a popular technique in cake decorating and allows you to create intricate designs and decorations with ease. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use silicone molds with fondant:

  1. Prepare your fondant: Start by kneading your fondant until it's smooth and pliable. You can add a small amount of sno creme to prevent it from sticking to the mold.


  3. Press fondant into the mold: Take a small piece of fondant and press it firmly into the mold, ensuring that it fills all the details of the design. Use your fingers or a fondant smoother to flatten the fondant and remove any excess.

  4. Remove excess fondant: Use a sharp knife or fondant tool to trim away any excess fondant from the edges of the mold. Make sure to cut cleanly along the edges for a neat finish.

  5. Release the fondant: Gently flex the silicone mold to release the fondant shape. If the fondant sticks to the mold, you can use a small brush or toothpick to help loosen it.

  6. Repeat as needed: Repeat the process with additional fondant pieces and molds until you have all the shapes you need for your cake or cupcakes.

  7. Allow to dry: Depending on the thickness of the fondant and environmental conditions, allow the fondant shapes to dry and firm up before using them to decorate your cake. This may take several hours or overnight.

  8. Attach to your cake: Once the fondant shapes are dry, you can attach them to your cake using a small amount of edible glue. Press them gently onto the surface of the cake or onto fondant-covered surfaces.

By following these steps, you can easily use silicone molds to create beautiful fondant decorations to adorn your cakes, cupcakes, and other baked treats. Experiment with different molds and colors of fondant to customize your designs and unleash your creativity in cake decorating.

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