Lorann Oils - Licorice Flavour 1 Dram. Super Strength Flavouring


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Lorann Oils - Licorice Flavour 1 Dram. Super Strength Flavouring

Lorann Oils' Licorice flavour in a 1 dram bottle offers a super-strength flavoring perfect for infusing your culinary creations with the distinct taste of licorice. Known for its bold and slightly sweet flavor profile, licorice adds a unique twist to a variety of recipes.

This super-strength flavoring from Lorann Oils means you only need a small amount to achieve a potent licorice taste in your candies, baked goods, beverages, and more. Whether you're crafting licorice-flavored candies, enhancing the flavor of baked goods like cookies or cakes, or experimenting with creative recipes, this concentrated flavoring provides the authentic taste of licorice without dilution.

With Lorann Oils' Licorice flavoring, you have the freedom to explore new flavor combinations and create culinary delights that stand out with their bold and distinctive taste. Whether you're a licorice enthusiast or simply looking to add a unique flavor to your dishes, this super-strength flavoring is sure to impress.

Just a few drops of this super-strength flavoring can transform your recipes into whimsical and irresistible treats reminiscent of the sugary delight of licorice.

1 dram = 1 teaspoon

Kosher certified • Gluten-free • Soluble in water

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