Wilton Drop Flower Piping Tips. Set of 4 Tips


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Wilton Drop Flower Piping Tip Set

Wilton Drop Flower Piping Tip Set includes 4 piping tips designed specifically for creating flower-like designs with a simple drop motion. 

 Here's what we do at The Cake Mixer with this set:

  1. Drop Flowers on cakes and cupcakes: The set includes 4 drop flower tips, each with a unique size and shape. 

  2. Variety of Sizes: This drop flower tip set includes tips of various sizes, allowing you to create flowers of different dimensions. This variety enables you to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts with flowers of varying sizes and styles.

  3. Different Petal Designs: This includes drop flower tips with different petal designs. This variety allows you to create a wide range of floral designs and add depth and complexity to your decorations.

Overall, this drop flower piping tip set is a versatile set for cake decorating and pastry work, allowing you to create beautiful floral designs with ease. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced decorator, a set of drop flower tips can add creativity and flair to your desserts

Go beyond the basics with a set of decorating tips that make it easy to add simple drop flowers in many sizes that look fabulous, thanks to the Wilton Drop Flowers Tip Set.

Use this set of four tips and basic decorating techniques to quickly and easily decorate cake or other treats with drop flowers in four sizes using buttercream icing.

Whether you want to add a simple accent with one small flower on a mini treat or cover a cake with oversized drop flowers for maximum impact, this set can help you decorate amazing cakes.

Included in this set are tips 109, 129, 190 and 225.

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