Wilton Cake Lifter -Large - Stainless Steel


SKU: WT/2103-0-0152


Easily lift whole cakes, cake layers, cookies, even pizza from the oven rack with ease with the Wilton Cake Lifter.

  • No more broken cakes
  • Great for moving your cake board from the turntable to cake plate
  • Lift cakes up to 16 inches (40cm) easily
  • Stainless steel lifter with durable non-slip handle that's comfortable to grip
  • Suited to both left- and right-handed bakers

So many uses:

  • Great for layering and torting (stacking) a cake
  • Decorators who make larger cakes use two, one on each side, to lift cakes with ease
  • Lay the cake lifter over fresh-from-the-oven cookies that may have puffed a bit while baking (like gingerbreads or sugar cookies); just press gently and cookies are flat, smooth, and ready to decorate
  • For your cooking needs, scoop up chopped vegetables with this sturdy surface and pour them into your dish

This Cake Lifter is certainly not a single-use tool!

Brand: Wilton