Rejuvenator Spirit

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What is Rejuvenator Spirit?

Rejuvenator Spirit (isopropyl alcohol) is a clear food grade 99.9% proof  edible alcohol, which has many uses in cake decorating. It is available in convenient droplet bottles of 14ml, and is suitable for vegetarians as well as being gluten free. So handy to keep in your toolbox!

Why use it?

It has a variety of uses, mixes with colourings easily to create a paint, and dries on the surface of your icing very quickly.  This has the advantage that you can add further layers to your painting without delay.  It is excellent for diluting and thinning.

Is it suitable to use on children’s cakes?

Yes perfectly safe, as the alcohol evaporates away very quickly.

Are there any substitutes?

Yes, you could use clear alcohol such as gin or vodka, if you have some to spare. Cooled, boiled water is another option, but it does not dry very quickly, or give such a good finish. However, you do have a longer working time.

How do I use it?

Mix with powder/dust/lustre dust colours to a paste and use for painting.  It also mixes with gel/paste colours for diluting, to paint on a cake.

Use on a brush for correcting mistakes - it easily wipes away.

As a thinning agent - To thin icing, and to further thin airbrush colours and liquid colours.

May also be used for sticking small, fresh pieces of sugar paste / flower paste together (larger pieces would need a stronger icing)