Damask Floral Cake Stencil

The Cake Mixer

SKU: 10791


Made of plastic material, tough, smooth without burr, not easy to crack.
All of our stencils are reusable and easy to clean.
Quickly emboss any beautiful pattern on the cake sides.
Best for decorations on petitfours, cookies, cupcakes, chocolates and other confectionery items.
It can also be used to decorate walls, T-shirts, or just about anything.

How to use:
1. Place the stencil on the cake and hold the stencil by the tab or toothpick. Drop a good amount of lacing on the stencil near the tap, the weight of the icing also helps to hold down the stencil.
2. Use your spatula to spread out the icing awaythe tap. Do not lift the spatula directly or you run the risk of lifting the stencil with it and getting icing under the pattern. Instead, sweep the knife up the cake at an angle. Use a plastic scraper to smooth out the icing to the desired thickness.
3. Slowly peel the stencil away the cake. Left behind is a beautiful delicate stenciled design.

Item Name: Cake Stencil
Material: PVC
Features: Flower Lace Design, Reusable, Easy to Clean
Size: 32.3cm x 10cm/12.72quot; x 3.94quot; (Approx.)