Chefmaster Piping Gel - 300gm


SKU: 90664


Easy to color; perfect for writing messages and adding decorative accents.

Try these other uses for piping gel:

· Glue – you can use it to glue components of a cake together. It’s entirely edible and it’s clear (unless you choose to color it) so it’s much more inconspicuous than icing or frosting. When you’re creating delicate elements for your cake, piping gel is one of the best ways to put them together. If you’re gluing larger components, you can mix sugar paste into it to make it a little tackier. 

· Stabilizer – You can add piping gel to whipped cream to stabilize it. Essentially, you’re helping the whipped cream hold its shape longer. If your creations will sit at room temperature, this is a great way to keep the whipped cream looking fresh and attractive. 

· Writing – the most common use of piping gel. Put it in an icing bag and use it to write messages on your cakes and other sweets. It’s easy to manipulate and releases steadily from the piping bag, making it simple to write legible messages with a little practice. 

· Create shine – you can dilute piping gel with a little clear vanilla extract to make it shiny. Then, use it to add any kind of glistening decorations to your cakes. It’s excellent for creating water effects as well as glazing and adding a glossy shine to any part of your cakes. You can add food coloring and let your inspiration run wild.