Go Bake Tylose CMC 50gm.

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Go Bake Tylose CMC 50gm.

Tylose is a high grade powder used as a hardening agent when working with fondant icing to create a quick and simple version of gum paste or modelling icing. 

If you want to add strength to your fondant so that it will dry hard when making characters, letters or accent pieces, add Tylose powder (a food-safe hardening agent) while your fondant is soft and warm. Knead about ¼ teaspoon into a golf-ball sized ball of fondant and continue working. Items laid to dry will begin to harden within a few hours and will be completely hard in a few days. Don’t add Tylose to your fondant too soon, though, or it will become difficult to work with as it hardens and dries out.

This magical powder helps stabilize Gum Paste.  Add it to any gum paste or add it to fondant when molding pieces and using Silicone moulds and intricate or fine cutters for significantly easier molding.  It's a game changer!

  • Specially formulated to resist high humidity.

  • Improves freeze and thaw stability of gum paste.

  • Longer shelf life.

  • It acts as a great emulsifier, that helps distribute the fat uniformly and prevents fat from migrating to the surface where it could oxidize and spoil the gum paste.

You can also add tylose to Vodka to make an edible glue.

Gluten Statement Gluten Free (Certified).
Allergen Statement Food Allergen Free (Certified).


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