Stainless steel King Cake Lifter - the ultimate tool to help life your cakes from one surface to another. The heavy guage steel is made to life the heaviest mud and fruit cakes, and the extended size allows you to move cakes up to 16 inches.

You can use 2 lifter together to increase surface size for super large sheet cakes. The King Cake Lifter helps remove cakes and cheesecakes from springform tins, flattening cookies and moving cookies from tray to cooling rack.

The extra wide lifting surface combined with the ergonomically designed handle allows you to lift and move cakes, pizza and pastries easily and safely.

No More Split Cakes

Made for Heavy Duty Mud and fruit Cakes

Move your cakes with ease

Easily layer and torte cakes

Fabulous Cookie lifter

Works for right or left handed bakers