Magic Colours White Glitter 100% Edible

Magic colours

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Bling Bling white by Magic Colours gives the ultimate touch of glamour, wonderful for adding a stunning sparkle and shine. Use the 100% edible gold glitter to add glimmer to wedding cake tiers or brighten up birthday bakes. Simply add a tiny sprinkle on your cakes for an elegant finishing touch or dry brush straight on to your cake tiers. Each pot contains 10ml. Bling Bling can be used with many things such as sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, buttercream, ganache, chocolate, cupcakes and royal icing. It is important to note that as Bling Bling is not water soluable it cannot be used in buttercream, piping gels and creams etc. as it won't dissolve. Gluten Free, Fat Free, GMO Free, Vegan Friendly, Kosher Certified, EC/FDA Approved.