JEM Christmas Baubles & Bow Cutter Set


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Cut a festive range of Christmas decorations using this 4 piece cutters set from JEM.
Featuring 3 baubles and a bow you can use the cutters to decorate a huge range of seasonal cakes and treats.

The cutters can also be used as embossers.

Directions for use:

Begin by rolling out your paste thinly on a non-stick board. You can use shortening on both the work surface and cutter to prevent sticking. Gently push the cutter into the paste to cut through. Remove the cutter and allow it to air dry for a few minutes before moving it to prevent any distortion.

These cutters are made from durable high quality food grade plastic.

The cutters measure approximately:

Bauble 1: 5cm x 5cm

Bauble 2: 5cm x 5cm

Bauble 3: 7cm x 3cm

Bow: 11cm x 5cm