Sponge Foam Flower Drying Pad

The Cake Mixer

SKU: 19001


Material: Food Grade Foam

2pcs Flower Drying Foam Mats Sponge Pads

Suitable for drying sugar flowers, couvertures, sugar beads etc.

Its made of food grade sponge.

The pad is soft, lightweight and difficult to deformation.

Also suitable for other modelling mediums such as fimo, cold porcelain and polymer clays.

Colour may vary from pictured

Flower Foam Drying Tray is perfect for drying your sugar flowers or butterflies quickly and efficiently.

We just love this flower foam and whether you are a beginner or a professional, this is an essential part of your sugarcrafting tool kit. The depths of the foam are the perfect size for drying flowers but you can also use it for leaves, butterflies and all other sugarcraft decorations.

The indents on the tray give your flowers shape and dimension as they dry for a realistic effect!

The peaks and troughs in the foam will give your decorations extra shape and movement, ideal for cupped flowers, curved leaves and flying sugar birds and butterflies.

The soft foam also prevents breakages whilst you are working.