Number 1 Blue Candle With Shimmery Glitter


SKU: E4215

Number 1 Blue Candle With Shimmery Glitter

Make your next cake look even sweeter and add some sparkle with this stylish Number 1 Blue Candle With Shimmery Glitter. What better way to celebrate your special big day or milestone birthday while making a wish.
Light up the party with the premium Number 0 Blue Candle with Shimmery Glitter from Artwrap.
This premium blue glitter candle features a fine glitter finish for extra sparkle on the front, and a stick that pushes easily into your cake. What could be more simpler to make your cake look fantastic? Simply open the packet and place straight in your cake.
And with a chunky number 0 shape, it's sure to be the hottest addition to your decorations. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and loads of other celebration cakes, it'll make the perfect centrepiece for your cake.
Available in numbers 0 - 9 and in pink glitter and blue glitter finish. You can pair with other numbers to make up any age you need.
Size 8cm tall not including the stick.

Product Features:

Number 0 glitter candle.
Blue glitter colour
Glitter finish on front
1 per pack
Stick for easy cake placement
8cm tall excluding stick.