Wilton Silicone Sea Life Mould


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Make amazingly detailed fondant cakes and other sweet treats using the Sea Life Mould. Features a mermaid tail, octopus, seahorse, starfish, coral, waves and a shell.

Whether you choose to make individual decorations for cupcakes or other sweet treats or create an entire sea-themed cake, the silicone mould is perfect for making fondant or gum paste decorations. It's so easy to use the silicone moulds to make a themed cake.

Just press or roll fondant into the cavities, level the decorations, then turn the mould over and bend slightly to release them. Whether you choose to follow the project instructions for arranging the decorations, or you let them dry to place them later, these decorations will take your cake design to a whole new level. Prevent sticking by dusting mould cavities with cornstarch or rubbing on a thin layer of shortening.

Mould measures 13cm x 20cm